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About Us

YEL is a voluntary and autonomous non-governmental organisation aimed at encouraging youths to enhance their entrepreneurship and leadership skills.

YEL’s mission statement is divided into three main terms which are to be seen as three main steps towards entrepreneurial and leadership success.

YEL encourages young people to be creative and to take on training, educational research and experience in areas that they find interesting. Ideas are fostered from a combination of knowledge and creativity.

YEL provides adequate opportunities for young people who wish to pursue with their idea for a new business venture or to take on leading initiatives, in their community, region, country and beyond.

YEL provides the necessary support for young people who are committed to engage in entrepreneurship and/or leadership so as to allow them to reach their individual dream and the goals they set for the benefit of society and the economy.

Entrepreneurship and Leadership are two important skills and an essential characteristic for a country’s success. These skills help generate higher income for the individual as well as economic growth through the creation of jobs, a higher GDP and increased revenue for the government.

Entrepreneurship and leadership are usually at the centre of local and international youth conferences. This is the case, because entrepreneurship and leadership require innovation, creativity, initiative and a sense of thinking ‘outside the box’. The energy to implement such activities is undoubtedly a characteristic of the younger generations. Youths are generally willing to do things differently from the way they have always been done and to invent new ways of producing products, providing services or launching a new invention.

Nevertheless, whilst some entrepreneurial and leadership skills may be taught, the individual must make personal efforts by continuously training himself/herself and broadening his/her knowledge on areas which interest him/her.

He/she must also have the ability of recognising opportunities and thus working to implement projects that emerge from those opportunities. Recognising opportunities requires thought and talent as well as expertise in the particular subject. It is for this reason that YEL focuses on fostering entrepreneurship and leadership in particular areas of Maltese economy and society.

We invite you to Explore, Aspire and Achieve your goals by joining YEL’s efforts to improve our economy and society.

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